Kurrajong (Brachychiton) – Traditional Aboriginal usage, food & technology

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  1. Chris says:

    The flower shown is that of Brachychiton discolor. The kurrajong of inland Qld, NSW and Vic is Brachychiton populneus and it as a white flower. Damage to its bark yields a sap which dries to form a water soluble gum (Uncle Freddie Dowling Jerilderie). The Qld bottle tree is Brachychiton rupestris.

  2. lorraine brigdale says:

    when the seeds are soaked in water, they produce a clear gum substance, any knowledge of this being used by traditional indigenous people?

    • koorihistory.com says:

      Hi Lorraine, it’s an interesting question. Whilst the gum would have been familiar to people, I’ve not located any particular references to its usage. Thanks, John.

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