S.E Australia – Invasion Map (1788-1870)

This map is made available for education and entertainment purposes. It was designed to illustrate the timeline for how Australia was invaded by Europeans from 1788. Primarily, it is used to show that whilst Gadigal land (Sydney Cove) was invaded in 1788, many other First Nations did not begin to have sustained encounters, battles, wars and ongoing trespasses upon their lands until 50-75 years later. For some in Central Australia, their first encounters with non-Indigenous people would not come until 1984.

For some communities, they will have experienced over 230 years of inter-generational, on-going trauma. For others, they are home in some cases to the first and second generation of people removed from 65,000+ years of traditional cultural life.

This represents the first draft of this resource. It will be gradually updated with more localities, communities and reference points throughout S.E Australia, excluding Tasmania.

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