“Aboriginal people never even invented the wheel.”

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3 Responses

  1. Double T says:

    Good explanation but what of the pottery wheel? Indigenous Australians sure could’ve made use of that. Was that ever utilised by any of the various nations?

    • koorihistory.com says:

      A good question, but no there is no evidence of earthenware pottery. Pottery isn’t very useful when you’re mobile. It’s heavy and fragile. It’s easier to cut a coolamon from a tree, or carry a water bag made from animal skin, which also keeps the water cooler for longer. Making long lasting waste was not part of our culture.

  2. Great work! A wheel is a circle. Circles are yet a major part of Aboriginal art. Quite correct! One must have, or create paved or flattened, cleared paths to utilise the physical wheel. Having the modern wheel has not been great for our planet; having been used for industrial purposes that have and are damaging our unique planet.

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