Traditional Aboriginal Clothing

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  1. Interesting read, thanks John. I find it remarkable that the so-called Hunter Valley cloak is not very old — only ‘collected’ in the time of my great-great grandmother. But then occupation of Aboriginal lands is not so old, either, is it?
    I’m glad that the cloak is still there for us to see (and will make a point of visiting it whenever I visit Washington DC). Also grateful that the craft and value of these magnificent pieces is being continued/restored by contemporary Koori artists and craftspeople.

  2. O'Keefe says:

    G’day, I am spiritual ov sorts and I have a visitor who comes and gos from my address here in Safety Bay western australia. It is Noongar territoree and I was just wondering what a 5 and a half foot aboriginal man in this area weraing an headdress with 4 or 5 black feathers at the front means? If aneeone can tell me what this type of headdress means I would be greatfull. Thanks

  3. Maya he says:

    I like this

  4. J.E says:

    I’m doing aboriginal art for my art gcse this has helped quite a bit

  5. Ee Ning Lim says:

    I’m doing a keynote on Aboriginal clothing and this have helped me a lot! 😃

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